“The Superior Life of Faith”

Greetings New Hope Family Church, This last Sunday Pastor Jody spoke on Hebrews 11:1-4 concerning “The Superior Life of Faith.”  A life of faith is greater than a life without faith.  People who surround us that live this life of faith spur us to live that same life.  It is the eyesight for the believer.  Faith is what takes the scriptures from the bible, puts them in our hearts, calls us to action, and we then see it lived out.  Faith is a feel it, believe it, do it process.    The ancients … [Read more...]

A Message from Mat Cotton

Greeting New Hope Family, We asked ourselves the question “Are we done yet?” and the answer is NO.  God is not done with us.  The cross does a good job of answering the question “What if I die today?” but doesn’t necessarily answer the question, “What if I live tomorrow”? Everyday we can glorify God.  We glorify God by doing our assignment.  Our assignment is not confined to a career choice, but it is given to us everyday.  Whether we share Jesus in the Costco line or call a family member … [Read more...]