Recently my husband and I went on a hiking trip with our son Mathew and daughter-in-law Jordan and we came upon a beautiful waterfall. Mathew, being the extreme adrenaline seeker he is, quickly identified a location he declared as the perfect spot to jump off of into the freezing water below. Did I mention the cliff? I of course laughed, in which he replied, “We are all doing this.”

Do any of you have a person in your life that pushes you to live outside of your comfort zone? To go beyond the boundaries in your mind and to experience moments that you never thought possible? This to me is exactly why it so important to be in relationship with people who not only love you, but challenge you. God is the ultimate challenger and He will push you beyond your excuses, fears and whatever cases you’ve built as to why your life cannot be altered.

If you are wondering if I jumped off that cliff, I did, but not alone. You see, Mathew and Jordan went before me to show me it was safe. A crowd had gathered and each one of them was encouraging me to do it. My husband Steve took my hand and to everyone’s surprise we jumped together into that icy cold water below. I have to confess, I wasn’t too happy with my son pressuring me at first, and I even got a little angry with him. There was no way I could get my mind to agree with such a challenge. This is a picture of the body of Christ working together to grow, support, and challenge one another to go beyond the mindsets that hold us back from experiencing all that God has for us. You might even get mad at those who push you, but believe me, you’ll be glad they did.

Mary Cotton